Best MLB All Star Games

The Major League Baseball All Star Game is one of the most highly anticipated events in all of sports. This is a game in which the top players in baseball play against each other. The players are selected to play for the league that they are currently playing in. There is the American League and the National League and the best players will represent one of these leagues depending on what team they play for.

What makes the all star game one of the most significant sporting events is that the league that wins the game will have the team from their league get home field advantage in the World Series. As a result, this is the one all star game where there is something important to play for. Like a number of all star games, the Major League Baseball all star game has had some great contests over the years.  I got a little help from some experts.  The guys at MLB Baseball Free Picks know betting strategy.  They also keep tabs on the sport more than anyone else I know.

One of the very best all star games of all time was the 2003 all star game. In this contest, the National League was leading late in the game but eventually blew it in the final innings. After four innings of a very well pitched game, the National League would jump out to a 5-0 lead in 5th inning to get ahead. However, the American League would come back and in the bottom of the 8th inning, get the lead on a hit by Hank Blalock. What made this scenario so remarkable was that the American League got the go ahead run against the most dominant closer in Major League Baseball at the time.

In 2008, there was a very memorable contest that will go down as one of the very best. This was the final all star game played at the historic Yankee Stadium and would go down as one to remember. In the late innings, standout third baseman Even Longoria would tie the game which would eventually force extra innings. Both league teams had their opportunities to get the go ahead run with runners in scoring position but couldn’t capitalize. Eventually, the game would be decided in the 15th inning as Michael Young hit a sacrifice fly to give the American League the game winning run.

The 2010 All Star Game is another one of the very best of all time. Going into this game, the National League had a winless streak of 13 games. As a result, they were looking to snap this dubious streak and get home field advantage for their World Series participant. The game was low scoring and would come down to the wire like so many other all star games. In the seventh inning, the National League got hits off of pitcher Phil Hughes including a bases clearing three run double by Brian McCann.

Another one of the top all star games in Major League Baseball has been the 2006 conest. In this game, the American League would continue its dominance of the event in the 2000s by winning for the eight consecutive time. The game was very competitive as usually and would again go down to the wire. From the third inning onward, the National League would hold a 3-2 lead. The National League would then look to have top closer Trevor Hoffman finish the game. However, the American League rallied to win the game 4-3 on a double by Michael Young. After getting a 4-3 lead, the American League had closer Mariano Rivera finish the game to preserve the victory.

The 1971 all star game is among the very best in league history. This contest helped pave the way for a decade in which excellent hitting would determine who won most games. This particular game featured some of the greatest players in league history such as Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Bench, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson and Frank Robinson. All of these players hit home runs in the game including Reggie Jackson’s 500 foot shot. The American League won this game by a score of 6-4 due to the efforts by these great players.

These are some of the greatest all star games in the history of baseball and are among the most memorable as well. With late inning comebacks, big hits and clutch pitching performances, these all star games have been established as some of the most memorable of all time.

Best Comebacks in Sports History

Everyone loves a comeback story, this is true in sports especially. Often some of the best moments that have happened in sports have been the result of a comeback that a player or a team has pulled out. This is a simple part of the excitement that is felt when we watch our favorite teams defy the odds and become the hero that we knew that they were. We will look at a few of these and see what make them some of the greatest comebacks of all time.

U.S National Men’s Soccer Team 2010: imagine having a few seconds left and all of a sudden you make a miracle comeback that surprises even you and your team. That was the case in 2010 with Landon Donnovan and his soccer team. The score was 0-0 and the team needed to win in order to advance. And continue their hopes of winning the World Cup. Donnovan came through and when he needed to the most, supplied the heroics and scored the winning goal to give the team the win. This would go down as one of the biggest wins in soccer history.

1974 Southern California football team: The team was down 24-0 to the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and it looked like the Luck of the Irish was with Notre Dame. Then the improbable happened and left the Irish as well as the entire football world stunned. Southern California came from behind and demolished the Irish by scoring 55 points that were unanswered. Notre Dame had no answer for everything that they were having thrown at them. When it was all said and done, the Irish were left broken and battered while Southern California basked in the glory of what they had done. No other football team has been able to pull off this type of miracle since then.

2010 Philadelphia Flyers: With the Flyers down three games to none, the Flyers needed to win all four games to take the Stanley Cup. This was a feat that many people said was next to impossible the team believed in themselves and knew that they had what it took to make the comeback and defy the odds that said that they had no chance of winning. After winning the next three games, it was time to show that they were the team they knew they were. After a hard fought game seven, the Flyers finished their improbable comeback and hoisted the Stanley Cup leaving the Boston Bruins wondering how it had all went wrong.

1995 Indiana Pacers: Reggie Miller was the hero for the team and came out swinging for the fences to help the Pacers defeat the Knicks in the first round of the NBA playoffs. What helped Miller finish off the Knicks was his eight points in the last eighteen seconds of the game. This was something that left the fans in the arena speechless as he seemed to be on fire and was not able to be stopped. It was a shame that the power that drove Reggie Miller in the series with the Knicks would not carry over to the next round as the Pacers lost to the Orlando Magic in the next round of the playoffs.

1993 Buffalo Bills: This was considered to be the biggest comeback in NFL history. With the Bills down 35-3 in the second half, a lot of fans and even players were ready to accept the fact that the Houston Oilers would win the game. Quarterback Frank Reich was not ready to accept this reality and led his team on a comeback that saw the Bills win 41-38 at the end. The stadium was silent as many fans of Houston did not know what they had just seen and the Bills fans were not able to believe that their team had overcame the odds.

These are just a few of the sports comebacks that people will be talking about for many decades, some of these will live on in the memories of those that saw them and those that lived them. While the rest will hear about this as these stories are passed down from one generation to another. No matter the sport, everyone loves a good comeback.

Best Places to Play in All of Sports

Everyone who loves sports usually has a favorite team or favorite city where their teams come from. But where are the absolute best places to play in all of sports? It could be a matter of opinion but let’s break down why athletes play sports. Winning at the sport they love, the scenery or location they are in and the possibile financial gains. These are the top three aspects that usually play a role in where an athlete laces up there shoes.

Financial Aspect
If you’re into baseball and a player after money primarily then New York and the west coast should be your destinations. Los Angeles Dodgers are currently the highest paid baseball club in the MLB. Beating out the reigning champion New York Yankees for many years. For an athlete looking to cash in big bucks during their careers as a baseball player these two locations are top for sure. Some sports have salary caps

Hometown Glory
Sometimes the best place to play is in your own backyard. Figure of speech of course when it comes down to actual athletic events. A person’s hometown sometimes is the best place for an athlete. Maybe it is to stay close to family or loyalty to bring a championship back. No matter the reason this is definitely an underrated but place to play sports. More recent stories of hometown glory came from Cleveland this year as the Cavaliers finally obtained the Larry O’Brien trophy they’ve always coveted. Of course all being led by the hometown hero himself LeBron James. Subsequently a couple other NBA players are following in LeBron’s footsteps as Kevin Durant makes his was back home to Long Beach, California and Dwyane Wade a career long Miami Heat guard finally returns to his hometown of Chicago all for hopes of winning titles from their childhood teams.

Views and Attractions
Maybe it’s not about the money or bringing a championship back home for some athletes. Some may even want to never return home because of how it looked and felt to them. Which means if scenery is what you’re after some of the top vacation spots would be a great place to start looking. Places like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles are some of most visited places in the world. With the latter of the three having perfect weather about 70% of the year and beautiful beaches for those summer days or long walks. But if you’re into something abroad Rio Brazil, Paris France, England and Australia all have both soccer and basketball teams.

The Legacy
When it comes down to legacy and which team has won the most for an athlete every sport has around four teams that standout in the record books. For the NBA this would have to be Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago due to someone named Michael Jordan. Teams who have won championships alot doesn’t mean they are currently winning however as time tells. Sometimes an athletes goal is to join a team they’ve always seen win.

When it comes down to professional players in non team sports such as golf, tennis, bowling scenery options like California, Florida and New York are great places to play. Your winning and salary is usually based on your own performance so those two aspects are now irrelevant.

In conclusion there are various reason and places for the best sports locations for an athlete. The top places for scenery financial and winning would have to be Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. As shown they are usually at the top of why athletes play sports besides the hometown factor.

Best Free Agent Signings in Sports History

There have been some big free agency signings, but only a few really turned around a team in a big way. These signings are listed, and you must remember that some of these might involve a sign and trade. That is actually where we start because this trade and signing had everything to do with how basketball looked from 2008-2012.

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol was actually traded to the Lakers by the Grizzlies in return for what amounted to nothing. He probably goes down as the best trade of all time because the Lakers convinced the Grizzlies to take nothing in exchange for a first ballot hall of famer who helped the Lakers go to three straight finals and win two. His move to LA was done because he did not want to sign in Memphis again, but he was willing to sign in LA. He struck the deal, and the Lakers were able to follow up their dynasty of Kobe and Shaq with Kobe and Pau.

Reggie White

The free agency market opened up in the NFL with Reggie White doing the first big move. He went from the Eagles to the Packers for a lot of money, and he proved that the market for free agents was very strong. There were a lot of other people who were ready to sign with other teams, but they were not able to do that until they saw that Reggie White could move around the way that he wanted. That was important because it set off a season of free agency that we see every year now. It is just as important as the draft, and it helps spread talent around the league.

Reggie Jackson To The Yankees

Reggie Jackson going to the Yankees helped them win a World Series, and he got the name Mr. October because of all the things he was able to do in the postseason with such a good franchise. That was a big deal because it allowed the Yankees to rise again with all the other talent they had on the team, and it made them into a team that was going to be good into the 80s. That made them relevant, and it showed other baseball teams that it was necessary.


The A-Rod contract is one that people still cannot believe because he signed in Texas for what seemed like way too much money, and then he got just as much money from the Yankees after he got traded there. He is really the biggest free agent in baseball who also became a big bust. His career came crashing to an end, but he showed that players could get a lot more money than they thought they could get in the past. That helped a lot of other players get their money, and it is something that people can thank him for in the future.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning moved on to the Broncos when the Colts were done with him and had to draft Andrew Luck. He moved to the Broncos thinking that they had the best chance to win a title. He went to two Super Bowls and won his final game in the Super Bowl for the Broncos. That meant that they paid for the right person to come to their team, and it helped them bring more prominence and value to the team. They built a defense around him that was worthy of a title, and it helped set their team up for the future.

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton went to the Rangers when the Angels found out that they had a commodity on their hands, but they had no idea how good he was going to be. He got two contracts in Texas, and they went to two World Series in a row. He helped to make the Rangers relevant, and he made sure that the team was going to be worth people coming to see. He was the best hitter in baseball for a five year stretch no one will forget, and he made it so that people had to take the Rangers seriously again.

Each of these contracts are interesting, and they all represent a shift in sports power.