Everyone who loves sports usually has a favorite team or favorite city where their teams come from. But where are the absolute best places to play in all of sports? It could be a matter of opinion but let’s break down why athletes play sports. Winning at the sport they love, the scenery or location they are in and the possibile financial gains. These are the top three aspects that usually play a role in where an athlete laces up there shoes.

Financial Aspect
If you’re into baseball and a player after money primarily then New York and the west coast should be your destinations. Los Angeles Dodgers are currently the highest paid baseball club in the MLB. Beating out the reigning champion New York Yankees for many years. For an athlete looking to cash in big bucks during their careers as a baseball player these two locations are top for sure. Some sports have salary caps

Hometown Glory
Sometimes the best place to play is in your own backyard. Figure of speech of course when it comes down to actual athletic events. A person’s hometown sometimes is the best place for an athlete. Maybe it is to stay close to family or loyalty to bring a championship back. No matter the reason this is definitely an underrated but place to play sports. More recent stories of hometown glory came from Cleveland this year as the Cavaliers finally obtained the Larry O’Brien trophy they’ve always coveted. Of course all being led by the hometown hero himself LeBron James. Subsequently a couple other NBA players are following in LeBron’s footsteps as Kevin Durant makes his was back home to Long Beach, California and Dwyane Wade a career long Miami Heat guard finally returns to his hometown of Chicago all for hopes of winning titles from their childhood teams.

Views and Attractions
Maybe it’s not about the money or bringing a championship back home for some athletes. Some may even want to never return home because of how it looked and felt to them. Which means if scenery is what you’re after some of the top vacation spots would be a great place to start looking. Places like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles are some of most visited places in the world. With the latter of the three having perfect weather about 70% of the year and beautiful beaches for those summer days or long walks. But if you’re into something abroad Rio Brazil, Paris France, England and Australia all have both soccer and basketball teams.

The Legacy
When it comes down to legacy and which team has won the most for an athlete every sport has around four teams that standout in the record books. For the NBA this would have to be Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago due to someone named Michael Jordan. Teams who have won championships alot doesn’t mean they are currently winning however as time tells. Sometimes an athletes goal is to join a team they’ve always seen win.

When it comes down to professional players in non team sports such as golf, tennis, bowling scenery options like California, Florida and New York are great places to play. Your winning and salary is usually based on your own performance so those two aspects are now irrelevant.

In conclusion there are various reason and places for the best sports locations for an athlete. The top places for scenery financial and winning would have to be Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. As shown they are usually at the top of why athletes play sports besides the hometown factor.